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Welcome to the Industrial Drives Design website. We are professional sales representatives for high quality manufacturers in the industrial motion control, sensor, and factory automation markets. Please view the companies we represent on the Products page.

Our experience and industry knowledge bring ideas to the machine builder that translate to greater machine capability, low risk approaches to machine motion and control upgrades and a resultant stronger competitive position for the OEM in his market.

We can often circumvent reinvention of the wheel and assist in increasing the profitability of our clients.


Access Automation Inc. joins Industrial Drives Design in Southern California.

Moorpark, CA February 8, 2016 Industrial Drives Design is pleased to announce that Access Automation Inc. and Industrial Drives Design have merged. Access Automation Inc. a San Diego, CA based rep firm has joined forces with Moorpark, CA based Industrial Drives Design. The merging of these two manufacturer’s representative firms creates a single company serving the Southern California, Arizona and Nevada markets. The combined company will maintain the Industrial Drives Design name. We are excited to bring these two firms together offering over 60+ years of experience in sales and application development to the motion control and machine automation market place.


Cone Drive Stainless Steel Gear Box

Cone Drive’s stainless steel gearboxes are designed for sterile manufacturing environments. The smooth housings allow for easy cleaning and bacteria free surfaces.

Product Specifications

  • Sizes: 39, 44, 50, 60, 76
  • Ancillary Options: Output flange, side mount, base mounted feet
  • Motor Adaptation: NEMA 56c through 180c
  • Input Options: Solid or hollow output
  • Output Options: Special bores or ratios available
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Designed to help you meet:

Government Regulations
  • 39, 44, 50, 60, 76
  • IP 69K designed / tested / proven
  • 3A Certified
  • NSF Certified
  • EHEDG Certification pending
Improved Uptime
  • Non-fretting motor bushing for easy motor removal
  • Double worm bearing support. Eliminates leaks by relying on worm alignment from the motor
  • Double enveloping worm gearing: Multiple teeth in contact promotes longer life

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