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Precision Gearing

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  • Low and zero backlash solutions for steppers and servos, in right angle and inline configurations. Harmonic gearing, inline planetary, and low backlash, high torque right angle solutions with large through bores. Ratios to 343,000:1 and output torques to over 1,000,000 lb-in (114,000 Nm). Direct servo motor mounts for any brand of servo motor.
  • Stainless (type 316) IP69K right angle products are manufactured in Michigan.
  • ConeDrive manufactures a complete line of Harmonic Solutions gearboxes and gear sets in Michigan.
  • Precision inline and right angle planetary and helical bevel technology. Honed finish on gear tooth faces for extremely quiet operation. German design and manufacturing in Kippenheim.
  • Stainless inline hygienic gearboxes conforming to DIN EN 1672-2-2005.

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